While most people think working from home or remotely is the dream, it does have its own set of pitfalls. One of the main struggles for digital nomads and remote workers is the lack of productivity. Every heard of procrastination? Mastering the art of productivity is quite challenging, but it doesn’t have to be if you use these tips.

Here are 5 digital nomad ideas and tips to increase your level of productivity as a digital nomad:

1. Digital Nomad Travel & Productivity: Set a Routine


Wake up at the same time every day and go to bed at the same time to create a regular pattern is a mantra we’ve all heard before. The reason for this is because it works!

Apart from your regular daily routine, getting into a solid work routine is important to stay consistent and be able to plan your workday effectively.

Cheat days are obviously fine if your best friend has decided to pop in from Peru and bless you with a night on the town but try to avoid the ever-present threat of ‘activities’ aka distractions.

Routine also includes exercise and play. If you like going to the gym in the morning or running at 5 pm on a Wednesday, then this should form part of the routine and as they say, ‘healthy body, healthy mind’.

Working remotely or from home can also mean that there is never really a ‘home time’, so trying to finish work by 5 pm can often become a goal that is overlooked and the next time you glance at the clock, it’s past midnight. Remember to stop working even if that means setting an alarm.

make it a healthier and more engaging place to work and you will feel better about work and more inspired

2. Digital Nomad Travel & Productivity: Have an ‘Office Space’


An office space when working from home is what differentiates a professional from an amateur. Sometimes the bed is the best place to be, but by having a defined space it makes one more inclined to get into the work mood rather than nodding off on the bed or thinking you are on permanent holiday. Resist the comfort of unemployment, it is not going to pay the bills.

The couch can also be a good place to work but then you have the same problem. Setting up a workspace (or joining a co-working space), whether its fully kitted with filing cabinets, wraparound screens and headsets or merely a table and chair is integral to creating a productive and sustainable work environment. Remember that working from home is supposed to be an improvement over the toxic office, so make it a healthier and more engaging place to work and you will feel better about work and more inspired.

3. Digital Nomad Travel & Productivity: Stay Organized


Staying organized when working from home or remotely should technically be easy, but if you are easily distracted like, ahem, some people, then staying on top of things needs to be a priority.

There are many online and desktop solutions for this and most smartphones provide useful calendars for keeping track of meetings and deadlines. A couple of popular solutions include Google Calendar and Google Docs for storing spreadsheets, documents and other information in the cloud, Trello and Asana for project management, Evernote for note taking and IFTTT OR Zapier for process automation.

Find one that works for your needs and stick with it or hire a virtual assistant. Most of these online apps are basically virtual assistants. Remember that you are giving them your information as well so make it detailed so we can follow your business plan.

Lock the cat outside for the day and maybe the kids too.

4. Digital Nomad Travel & Productivity: Avoid Distractions


Avoiding distractions at home is like trying to swim against the tide while wearing full winter woollies. A constant battle. The trick is to shed the distractions to stay afloat. From kids and pets to building contractors, deliveries and spammers trying to increase your credit card limits, even kind-hearted friends and family, the list is inexhaustible.

Try to be strong. You don’t need the TV on, the radio yes and maybe no. Lock the cat outside for the day and maybe the kids too. Distractions eat your time like greedy moths and leave holes in your workday. Maintaining focus is key here. Also, remember to take a short break here and there to let the kids and cats back in if you feel that way inclined.

5. Digital Nomad Travel & Productivity: Get Out of the House


This may seem a bit counterintuitive when working from home but getting out of the house is a great way to improve productivity especially if you are going somewhere to carry on working, not the pub or the spa (although they may sound like good options).

With most coffee shops and cafes offering free Wi-Fi, there is an opportunity for remote workers to get a change of scene and experience the thrill of human interaction.

Aside from the coffee shop cliché there are shared workspaces, Wi-Fi hubs and co-working environments if you need a break from the home routine.

Studies also show that interacting with nature is beneficial to your health, so if you can find a tree with Wi-Fi that would be best. I smell a business opportunity here.

Getting out the house is effectively the number one survival tool as cabin fever is a real condition. So, make your meetings face to face, join social groups and make time for friends, after hours of course!

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