Working remotely can be lonely, but it doesn’t have to be. If you are thinking of becoming a digital nomad or if you already are one, there are some fun ways of connecting with a nomad travel group or a community.

These communities understand what it takes to succeed and are great places to find advice about the
local lifestyle, where to find the best jobs and generally help to ease your transition into a new

Here are some of the easiest ways for digital nomads to connect with other working nomads:

Websites & Apps for Digital Nomads


Websites like Slack contain threads or channels like hashtag nomad – an online community feed that
caters for remote workers where you can find out what’s happening around you, join conversations
and message people around topics.

Apps like Nomadbase give you a real-time overview of where nomad individuals and communities
are based around the world and is an easy way to connect while on the go.

Sites like be-remote provide a soft landing with all your travel and local essentials taken care of and
offer introductions to some of the coolest remote working communities.

These communities understand what it takes to succeed

Digital Nomad Facebook Groups


With Facebook it’s easier than ever to connect with people around the world. For digital nomads,
joining a digital nomad group is an easy way to find a new local community.

Some of the more established groups include:

Digital Nomads Around the World

This group enables digital nomads to share lifestyle advice and experiences for a better understanding of potential destinations.

Global Digital Nomad Network

Discuss travel, locations, marketing, business collaborations and personal stories in this group about all things ‘digital nomad’.

Digital Nomad Entrepreneurs

Find like-minded digital entrepreneurs who love adventure and travel in this group geared towards networking with information on co-working, events and meetups around the world.

Coworking Spaces Around the World


Co-working spaces are a melting pot of creative talent and adventurous spirits as well as great places to get work done.

Here is a list of some well-known and popular coworking spaces around the world:


Bali Dojo – Bali – Indonesia

Bali Dojo located in Canggu, Bali has a laid-back vibe, pool and no-shoe policy. With its unique environment, this members-only coworking space has been voted one of Asia’s best. Situated walking distance from the local surfing beach it is a great place to get inspired, network and immerses yourself in the tropical island and digital nomad lifestyle.

Hubud – Bali – Indonesia

Hubud coworking space located in Ubud, Bali has an outstanding reputation and boasts Bali’s best internet. It seamlessly blends a start-up environment with island jungle retreat and is the perfect place to meet other digital nomads and get ‘remotivated’.

GoWork – Gargaon – India

Situated in Gargoan, the satellite city of New Delhi, this fast-growing tech hub is currently the world’s largest coworking space. With 12000 seats, GoWork may not be as exotic as the others but provides immense networking potential for those looking to tap into India’s burgeoning tech market.

Factory – Berlin – Germany

Berlin has long been a centre of innovation and in terms of coworking spaces, it is still a leading destination for creatives, entrepreneurs and digital nomads. Factory is one of the top tech spaces and hosts a community that includes some big names like Soundcloud and Uber.

Cocovivo – Isla de San Cristóbal – Panama

Located in the Bocas del Toro archipelago, Cocovivo is the epitome of working in a secluded paradise. Natural gems including acres of rainforest and coral reefs beckon from your doorstep while you can remain connected to your daily tasks without missing a beat.

Work & Co – Cape Town – South Africa

Situated in beautiful and diverse Cape Town, Work & Co provides communal spaces, shared offices and private meeting rooms equipped with the best technology. With a focus on synergy and creativity between industries, this coworking space hosts regular talks, breakfasts, parties and even the occasional night market.

melting pot of creative talent and adventurous spirits

These ideas are a great starter when it comes to finding your digital nomad community.

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