FAQ about our Digital Nomad Experience

A lifetime adventure is less complicated than you think

We’ve listed a few questions and answers on our FAQ section that might assist you on understanding how the Digital Nomad Program works!

What's included in the price?

Each destination could slightly vary but they all usually include:

  • Co-living space (a private room or shared room, if preferred).
  • Unlimited co-working space access and its activities.
  • A friendly ambassador who’s always available to assist with requests you might have and who is part of the group when there are leisure activities.
  • Outdoor excursions ie. sunset hikes, surfing, diving, local experiences, community events. We will give you the list for you to choose which ones do you preffer.
  • Learning opportunities: skill sharing between the participants, talks, workshops and other activities.
  • Lifetime be-remote community membership and discounts in other retreats. Yearly activities for old members.
  • Assistance with applying for a visa.
  • Assistance with transportation.
  • Airport pickup and drop off.
  • Local SIM card so you’re always connected.
  • Welcome dinner to get you settled.
  • Daily breakfasts.
  • Information about best workshops and events in the area.
  • Volunteering or collaborating with local associations and interesting projects.

How can I pay?

You can use PayPal or transfer directly into our bank account. We will provide you the details once you decide to take the leap.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Your spot is held as soon as you pay your $400 deposit. Final payments will need to be done 30 days before your program is set to start. Deposits are refundable 7 days after you paid for it. Up to 30 days before your program starts, a full refund will be given less your $400 deposit, which can be used to another be-remote program that starts within 3 months of your original program. If you cancel up to 15 days, nor your deposit neither your payment be refunded.

Does be-remote provide work?

Be-remote does not place participants in jobs. It’s not an application for employment. We provide a space for you to be productive: a co-working together with a co-living space where you’ll meet other digital nomads as you. Each member joins the program with their own job that allows them to work remotely.

Being part of these programs inspire you to settle in your our business as a digital nomad, and that’s our goal. Skill sharing, workshops, networking, communication.

Would be-remote be open to collaborate?

100% yes, we are always open to collaborate. We would love to hear what ideas you might have. It can be from content creating, blog post writing or even hosting workshops. Please get in touch via email: [email protected]