Co-living, Co-working, Community


Co-living, Co-working, Community


We provide an immersive experience, taking care of all the logistics and planing that´s required when moving to a new place.

It´s pretty simple. Join us for two-week to four-week retreat in different destinations, but also have the option to custom plan your retreat (more than one location at a time, remote cruises, old member gatherings, expeditions…)
If multiple locations are selected, transfers in between cities will be included.

3 step application process

Number 1
Contact Be-remote

Select your destination/s and give us some information about yourself.

Number 2
Network at be-remote

Let´s schedule a call to meet you and answer any questions you might have.

Number 3
be-remote takes care of your flight

Decide when to join and connect with the rest of be-remoters.


Wifi is non-negotiable. With a co-working space, SIM cards, and wifi at your accommodations, you can ensure your personal and professional projects keep running smoothly.
Be-productive from day one, be-creative. All our coworking spaces offer light-filled collaboration areas, focused air-con work zones, bookable meeting rooms, workshop spaces, Skype booths and covered with high-speed internet, ergonomic chairs, comfortable desks, and friendly staff.


Our paradise locations are based on comfortability and convenience to nearby facilities, so everything is at easy access.

Our spaces are designed to feel like home and live with ease, including cosy rooms, private bathroom as well as relaxing communal areas to connect with your fellow be-remoters.

You’ll have reliable internet, housekeeping, staff onsite, delicious healthy breakfast and even pool in most of the locations.


Join a crew of diverse global citizens, build your network and make friends for life. From remote work newbies to established digital nomads, all united by a purpose and passion to live differently. Create a meaningful life while experimenting with new ways of living, working, forming relationships and finding adventure. We will curate events, workshops, talks, and travel.

Have lifetime access to our member’s community and will be informed on the yearly events organized for old be-remoters.


Whether you’re going through a career transition, working remotely part or full time, be-remote is an opportunity for taking an intentional break from your routine and immersing yourself in an inspiring environment.

Within the community’s diverse group of Digital Nomads, there are a wide range of skills sets. We believe everyone benefits from gaining knowledge, whether directly related to your current path or not. We encourage skill sharing amongst the group and facilitate this through our Skillshare programme.


We have spent many years living in and exploring Bali before be-remote started, so for the best advice on where to go and what to do in order to stay off the beaten tourist path. From finding the best local fish markets to surfing uncrowded waves, we pride ourselves on finding unique experiences in Bali that you would not normally come across if traveling on your own.

We facilitate all group activities and are always available to answer any questions and keep you up to date with what’s happening in the area.


As citizens of the world, we encourage conscious traveling. We can be even in paradise, but, as with most parts of the world, there are issues that it needs help with. Instead of just taking from what the places have to offer, we would like to do our best in giving back too. We bring awareness to these issues and offer options for volunteering, collaborating or donating.

We believe Digital Nomads can help to create a better world, let´s get together and be-the-change we want to see in the world.